Plastic molding

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We supply extrusion and injection products from plastic molding manufacturer in Thailand, who produces various products for home appliance, automotive, and electrical components, etc. since their establishment in 1989. Especially, they have an advantage in the field of building materials and electric appliance by extrusion of hard resin.


■Exrusion products for building, electric appliance and housing component, such as double window frame or elevator door frame mainly by hard resin.

Material:Hard&Soft PVC/ TPU/ PMMA/ ABS/ PP/ PE/ PC/ LDPE/ HDPE/ Elastmer/ HI.PS
Extrusion profile1 Extrusion profile2 Extrusion profile3 Extrusion profile4

EXTRUSION : Soft/Hard Tube and Hose

■Extrusion product for the automotive, home appliances, furniture parts, etc. by soft and hard resin

Material:Soft PVC/ TPU/ Elastmer
Extrusion tube1 Extrusion tube2 Extrusion tube3 Extrusion tube4


■Injection products for the automotive, home appliances and consumer products

Material:PVC/ ABS/ PP/ PE/ PC/ EVA compound/ Nylon
Injection1 Injection2 Injection3 Injection4

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